How to Increase Profits, Scale Duplicatable Systems, Develop Leaders Within Your Organization and Have More Freedom.

How to Increase Profits, Scale Duplicatable Systems, Develop Leaders Within Your Organization and Have More Freedom.

Why did you start your business in the first place?

Money, success, recognition?

That is the superficial answer.


You wanted to CREATE VALUE on your own TERMS.

You took the RISK that most people are NEVER WILLING to take.

Even when the ODDS were against you, you still DARED TO TRY.


You know what they say…

What got you here won’t take you where you want to go.

But that is GREAT NEWS!

In this MARKET you have to be willing to GROW AND EXPAND if you want to stay in business.

That’s why the man that WINS is not always the SMARTEST or the one with the most SKILLS, but the one that WANTS IT MORE!

HUNGER cannot be taught.

Just like the EDGE.

You either have it or not.

2023 is going to be the YEAR that EXPOSES the men that were riding the wave because it was easy to make money in a good market vs. the men who really know how to bring VALUE IN ANY MARKET.

That is why the EDGE BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is the perfect event for men like you.

We will FOCUS on the 4 KEY METRICS to make sure you SUCCEED in the middle of the STORM.  

1- MINDSET - A man with the EDGE knows that CERTAINTY is the main currency in the middle of CHAOS.

2- MARKETING - It doesn’t matter if you have a great product or service if you don’t know how to get eyeballs or traffic to your business.

3- SALES - Sales is the blood of every business; creating a DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM will allow you to grow your business without burning out.

4- CULTURE -  Developing LEADERS within your organization is the number ONE job of the FOUNDER. Creating a raving fan culture in your organization will give you the freedom to stop micromanaging. 

Join Raul Villacis for a 2 Day Business Mastermind

Patrick Bet-David will be guest trainer in this event. He will be teaching how he built a 50,000+ person sales force in insurance, and was able to sell that business for hundreds of millions of dollars.



-First 10 registrants will get Q&A time with Patrick Bet-David

-Every attendee will be participating in a 30 Day business challenge prior to the event.

-Strategy Session with Next Level Media Team to break down your marketing strategy and bring it to the next level.

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